16 April 2014
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Securitization and Ethnic Profiling of Somalis in Kenya

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Somaliland needs real change.

This thread is not whether Somaliland should go separate ways or join Somalia to make the perfect union, it is about people, good governance and development. The change, we in...

Open Letter to President Silanyo: Unity Is the Ultimate Strength of a People

Somaliland Watch Group (SWG) a diaspora based group has written a letter to Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud “Silanyo” urging president Silanyo to put a new management in the helm...

Somalia: Al-Shabab Strategy Perplexes Some Experts

Washington — About a month ago, African Union troops and Somali government soldiers retook the town of Huddur from the militant group al-Shabab. The capture came relatively easy. When the...

Plea: End the Irrational Feud in Hargeisa

By Adan H Iman There is an open feud in Hargeisa between the Administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo and the independent media in general and in particular between...

Somaliland: Indigenous but Insensible Media Groups

Truth and Accuracy, Impartiality, Editorial Integrity and Independence, Serving the Public Interest, Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Respecting Privacy; these are the unmistakeable golden rules into which each and every news...

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Sunday, 14 April 2013 13:31

District Court Hands down 6 month Jail Sentence to Jama Elmi

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Hargeisa district court has sentenced to six months imprisonment and a fine to scholar by the name of Mr. JaamacElmi widely known as Jiir.

He was arrested after scathing articles published in the press on the incumbent president Ahmed Silanyo of Somaliland.

The district court also sentenced to imprisonment terms to local cleric by the name of Mohamud Abdilahi Geele and SMS lady of Ms. Nadra.

He was in police custody for about ten days waiting to be brought before the court.

The district court found him guilty of acts of insulting the nation by writing articles that were critical to government and were posted in the local press.

His arrest came after he blasted scathingly to leadership of incumbent president Ahmed M. Silanyo.

He was arrested by plain clothes officers while in Hargeisa downtown and escorted him to the Central police station on 27th March.

Somaliland government under the leadership of President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo seems to put into operation the policy of suppressing freedom of speech which gives each and every citizen to express his/ her views without fear of retribution.

Scores of people were detained over the outspoken critics to government defects which need to be addressed by those in power.

During the president campaign the current president said that he will protect the right of freedom of speech but it is now obvious that the whole matter was to get elected to the presidency.

It is the norm of African politicians are clever when it comes how to gain hearts when political parties are desperately vying for the top position but later on they do not fulfill their campaign promises.




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